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While our primary location is Westlake Village, we proudly welcome patients in Malibu and the surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to offering the best medical spa treatments that rejuvenate your face and body. We’re always in the loop with the latest Botox techniques and trends to ensure our clients achieve optimal results.

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Botox® reigns as the premier choice for smoothing out frown lines worldwide, and at Natural Aesthetics center, we proudly provide Botox® treatments tailored for both men and women across Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, and the surrounding areas of Ventura and Los Angeles County.

Experience an affordable facial enhancement option that requires no downtime. Our quick and straightforward treatment delivers remarkable results in reducing wrinkles. Watch as your frown lines worry creases, lip wrinkles, and crow’s feet visibly fade away.

Botox Malibu

malibu california

While our primary location is Westlake Village, we proudly welcome patients in Malibu and the surrounding areas. We’re dedicated to offering the best medical spa treatments that rejuvenate your face and body. We’re always in the loop with the latest Botox techniques and trends to ensure our clients achieve optimal results.


What Is Botox?

Botox derives its name from a purified protein known as botulinum toxin. Although this compound has links to the toxin causing botulism, it’s generally safe when administered as an injection.
Facial expressions cause our muscles to contract. As years go by and we age, these muscles remain contracted, leading to the formation and persistence of wrinkle lines. Botox can diminish these wrinkles, rendering the skin more refined.
Interestingly, Botox isn’t solely for aesthetic purposes. The FDA has given its nod for Botox to treat various health issues, including eyelid twitches, excessive perspiration, bladder issues, and migraines. It’s indeed a multifaceted treatment. Botox is also a wonderful treatment for teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ.

What Are The Benefits of Botox?

The increasing demand for Botox in cosmetic facial treatments is a testament to its numerous advantages. Botox is a powerful tool in combating the visible signs of aging by targeting and relaxing facial muscles that lead to deep-seated wrinkles.
It’s an excellent choice for individuals looking to enhance their appearance without undergoing surgical interventions like facelifts or brow lifts. As a non-invasive method, Botox ensures minimal side effects. And in just a few days, you’ll be greeted with a rejuvenated and smoother skin texture.

What areas can be treated with Botox?

Botox offers a versatile solution catering to various cosmetic and medical needs. Here’s a breakdown of its applications:

Cosmetic Uses:

  • Forehead Lines: These horizontal lines become visible when you raise your eyebrows.
  • Frown Lines:Often termed “11s,” these are the vertical creases that form between the eyebrows when you express displeasure.
  • Crow’s Feet: These are the delicate lines that radiate from the outer edges of the eyes, especially noticeable when one smiles or squints.
  • Bunny Lines: These wrinkles emerge on the nose’s sides when one crinkles their nose.
  • Lip Lines: Botox addresses the vertical creases above the top lip, commonly called “smoker’s lines,” even if one doesn’t smoke.
  • Chin Dimpling:This is to even out a chin that appears pebbly or has dimples.


Medical Uses:

  • Chronic Migraines: Botox can be strategically injected around the head and neck to prevent migraines.
  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating):Botox can address excessive perspiration issues in the underarms, palms, and feet.
  • Blepharospasm:This pertains to involuntary eyelid movements or spasms.
  • Teeth grinding, teeth clenching, TMJ:Botox to the masseter muscle treats the primary cause of this.
  • Overactive Bladder:Botox can alleviate urinary incontinence in those with overactive bladder.
  • Muscle Stiffness: This is particularly relevant for those experiencing upper limb spasticity.


Here are some Frequently asked Questions from Our Malibu Patients

At Natural Aesthetics Center, we provide personalized care, and a smooth experience for every patient is paramount. Dr. Bita Farrell and her dedicated team ensure this.

Before diving into the treatment, patients need to discuss their goals with Dr. Farrell. And any medical interventions they’ve had recently, especially Botox treatments or surgeries in the last four months.

The treatment process is meticulously planned. The treated areas are cleaned and numbed to ensure maximum comfort.

With her expert touch, Dr. Bita Farrell uses a fine needle to administer Botox to the targeted areas. The entire procedure is quick and efficient, tailored to the patient’s needs.

After the treatment, patients can immediately get back to their regular routines. However, for the best results, it’s recommended to:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
  • Avoid swimming pools, saunas, and hot tubs for the day.
  • Resist massaging or touching the treated regions for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • On the off chance that you experience bruising (a rare occurrence), it usually subsides within a week.

The effects of Botox typically sustain for about three months, though individual results might differ. Dr. Bita Farrell and her proficient team emphasize the importance of daily sunscreen application to shield your skin and maximize the longevity of your cosmetic enhancement. As the effects of Botox begin to subside, consider revisiting us for a follow-up injection. Consistent Botox sessions can prevent wrinkles from deepening, ensuring your glowing results persist even longer.

The process of receiving Botox injections is generally pain-free. However, if you’re apprehensive about needles or feel nervous during the treatment, Dr. Farrell and her team are equipped with numbing creams and other techniques to guarantee your utmost comfort throughout the cosmetic procedure.

As the botulinum toxin gets absorbed by your body, your muscles will gradually revert to their normal function. Dr. Farrell recommends that her patients plan their Botox appointments roughly every three months to maintain the best results.

Proudly Serving Malibu

At Natural Aesthetics Center,  we take immense pride in offering premier Botox treatments and a range of other aesthetic procedures to our esteemed clients in Malibu. With her unparalleled expertise, Dr. Bita Farrell ensures that every client not only achieves a radiant appearance but also feels invigorated from within, genuinely harnessing the benefits of Botox.

If you’re ready for a transformative experience, don’t hesitate to book your appointment with us. Embark on a journey towards youthful exuberance and bid farewell to aging signs.