How to Correct and Avoid Bad Botox

woman getting botox

  Botox is no longer a dirty little secret. Meaning, people will notice if your anti-aging injections have gone wrong. Although facial injectables are generally very safe, you can get bad results when they are not injected properly. The possible outcome of bad Botox may scare you away from the treatment. However, should you really […]

6 Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

woman getting filler

  Have you noticed a difference in your face and are starting to consider procedures to add volume? A popular treatment to gain facial volume is to have hyaluronic acid filler injected under your skin. You may already be familiar with hyaluronic acid because it is an ingredient in many skincare items. It is also […]

6 Uses For Botox That You Didn’t Know

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  As the figurative fountain of youth for many ageing men and women, Botox is a filler used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Although the product gained its cult following for its ability to slow down the development of fine lines, the company has close to 800 more patents for other […]

Neurotoxin and Filler…Which one is best for you?

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  The popularity of neurotoxin and filler injectables is on the rise.  They are both effective, non-surgical treatments for rejuvenating the face with minimal to no downtime.  Dr. Bita Farrell, a board certified physician and injector explains the difference between your options, and which is best for you. Wrinkles and fine lines on the face develop […]

What to Know About Fillers and the Vaccine

syringe in a fot of filler

  Headlines have been linking the COVID-19 vaccine to filler swelling, causing injectors to address the concern of their patients. The confusion is understandable considering the vaccine is new and research is still being done. Men and women all over the world have been debating on staying unvaccinated instead of discontinuing the use of fillers. The […]