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Everything About Under-Eye Filler

woman getting injected under eye


Living in a society that revolves around social media and selfies can make you take a deeper look into your appearance. Since most people notice your eyes first, dark circles and eye hollows can become a real insecurity. For this reason under-eye filler has become extremely popular for restoring a youthful appearance.

Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid which is found in the skin’s dermis. As we age, our skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid which makes our eyes look tired and lethargic. One of the major benefits of hyaluronic acid is its additional plumping power. As a result, you get naturally youthful-looking eyes.

When does it work?

No matter how much sleep you get or how many skincare products you use, sometimes the dark circles never disappear.

Since under-eye filler is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is used to improve the appearance of sunken under-eye areas. It works best for volume loss or to fill a hollowness under the eye. Dark circles that are caused either by bulging fat directly underneath the lower eyelid or depressions of soft tissue over the bone underneath the eye can be addressed by dermal fillers.

If you have dark circles due to hyperpigmentation in your skin, filler is not the ideal treatment for you.

How long does it last?

Under-eye filler will last anywhere from six to twelve months. With the right care, the fillers can last even longer. It is important to follow all the instructions given by your injector. Avoid massaging the treatment site, wear sunscreen, and stay clear of smoking!

How do you prepare for under-eye filler?

Preparing for your treatment is essential for getting the best results. Make sure you avoid blood thinner medication and herbal supplements for a week before your injections. This includes items like vitamin E, Aspirin, and fish oil. Stay away from alcohol and smoking for two weeks before since it can increase your chances of bruising. We also recommend avoiding intense workouts 24 hours prior.

What can I expect?

Under-eye filler is a very quick treatment that can even be done on your lunch break. We use a topical anaesthetic to numb your skin before the injections. It will take about 15 minutes for the numbing to fully kick in. 

You may experience some swelling around your eyes since the skin is thin. However, this will reduce within the following days. The entire treatment takes only 30 minutes to complete.

Under-eye filler like any treatment has potential side effects, making it important to go to a doctor you trust. If you are interested in under-eye filler, our founder Bita Z Farrell, M.D. is happy to answer your questions. Between her medical background, her artistic eye, and her holistic approach she will create results that are natural and refreshed. Simply contact us through our website today and we will get back to you!