What is a PDO thread lift?

PDO areas

As you age your skin becomes thinner and looser, in fact by the age of 70 your skin will lose around 80% of its thickness. This happens because your body produces less collagen over the years. Collagen is a protein naturally created by your body that keeps skin supple and youthful.    To combat the […]


woman on emsculpt

Summer is here and your post-covid, alcohol-fueled, twinkie-eating, fat-ass disgusting body needs some work.  It’s time to burn those sweatpants and get your beach body on.  One way to kick-start your body makeover is to get rid of targeted unwanted fat and build muscle.  So, which body sculpting device is best for you?  Today we […]

All About the Exilis Ultra

woman getting laser on face

  As we age wrinkles form, skin sags, and neck skin doesn’t appear to be as tight. But thanks to the Exilis Ultra 360, we are able to slow down the process of ageing and even reverse it!  With two capabilities in one system, Exilis Ultra is our #1 system for face and neck skin […]

Treat Yourself: Our Favorite Skincare Products

woman with skincare on face

  The holidays are approaching and that means it’s time to get your loved ones something special or just treat yourself! Some skin dries out in the winter months while other skin gets oily and in California there is always a worry of sun damage. Since skincare products are so personal and essential it makes […]

Everything About Under-Eye Filler

woman getting injected under eye

  Living in a society that revolves around social media and selfies can make you take a deeper look into your appearance. Since most people notice your eyes first, dark circles and eye hollows can become a real insecurity. For this reason under-eye filler has become extremely popular for restoring a youthful appearance. Fillers are […]