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FAQ: Radio Frequency Micro-needling

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Just simply living life takes a toll on your physical body and skin. The worries from your job show up on your forehead and the lack of sleep shows up under your eyes. And if that wasn’t enough add in the fact that your skin stops producing collagen and elastin as you age! Just thinking about the reduction of collagen can add stress wrinkles. To help combat this we recommend trying radio frequency micro-needling!

Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment that has been used for decades to rejuvenate skin. The device has fine needles that create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. 

Results can include improved texture and firmness, as well as skin resurfacing. RF micro-needling adds the element of radiofrequency energy to the traditional micro-needling procedure. The RF energy is delivered via small needles into the dermis. In addition to the benefits seen with the micro-injury provided by the traditional microneedles, radio frequency micro-needling also delivers RF energy deep into the dermis further enhancing skin tightening and scar reduction.

Where can you get radio frequency micro-needling?

RF Microneedling can be used on face, neck and most parts of the body.

What is the radio frequency micro-needling like?

Before the process begins we will apply numbing cream to the area. Once your skin is numb each fine needle will puncture the skin and create a channel that triggers the body to produce new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the papillary dermis. New capillaries will also be formed. This will create a solid foundation of new dermal volume.

With proper numbing, there is minimal to no discomfort during the treatment.

Is there downtime?

After the treatment is complete the area feels warm like a mild sunburn with some redness. This can be relieved with the aid of a cooling mask or ice packs and typically resolves within 1-2 days. 

When do you see results?

After a few days you will notice a “glow” to your skin. Visible changes to your skin will be noticeable within a couple of weeks following the treatment. Results can continue to improve up to 6 months as your collagen production continues.

How many treatments do you need?

Most patients receive a series of 3-5 treatments spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. For patients with deep wrinkles, advanced photo-aging, stretch marks, and acne scars, it is recommended to receive 6-8 sessions at 6-week intervals.

If you are interested in radio frequency micro-needling in Westlake Village, Our founder Bita Z Farrell, M.D. is happy to answer your questions. Between her medical background, her artistic eye, and her holistic approach she will create results that are natural and refreshed. Simply contact us through our website today and we will get back to you!