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Dealing With Oily Skin In Summer

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Summer brings longer days and a need to be outside! However, it also brings heat, melting makeup, and an unpleasant sweaty feeling. The temperature and humidity increase is not ideal for skin, especially if you’re oily.


Since your face has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands your face can feel sticky and look overly shiny all throughout the hot season. This can result in dullness, patchy skin, acne, and other skin problems. However, there are things you can do to keep your oils under control. 


Cleanse Your Oily Skin Less


You may think that washing your skin often will get rid of the oils, but it doesn’t work that way. Cleaning it too often actually strips your skin of moisture which signals your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. It is ideal to only wash your face once in the morning and once at night. 


Avoid cleansers that include alcohol, exfoliating beads, or harsh chemicals. Products that include those ingredients often cause flaky and red skin. As strange as it sounds an oil cleanser would be a great option.


Add a Toner Into Your Routine


Toners are great because they balance your PH levels and pick up any residual product left on your face. It is also important to find a toner that does not have a high alcohol content since it will dry out your skin. We recommend a gentle toner that refreshes your skin without making it feel tight. 


Use Serum and Sunscreen


You don’t need 20 products to look your best, a few key products will get the job done. Most skin damage is a result of sun exposure. We carry in clinic and highly recommend the ultralight emulsion sunscreen to protect you from the UVA and UVB rays.


It is also a good idea to use a triple antioxidant serum to reverse the sun damage you already have. 


Blot Your Oily Skin


Keep a pack of blotting sheets in your bag to soak up the oil throughout the day. You may have tried using tissue in the past, however, the blotting papers work better without ruining your makeup.


Choose Your Makeup Wisely


Having oily skin makes it a pain to find a foundation that stays put. Make sure to choose a matte finish that has SPF and is breathable. Avoid heavy formulas and stick to something light. For long days in the sun we recommend the tinted ultralight emulsion sunscreen


Wear waterproof mascara to avoid black circles and avoid thick powders and lipsticks that will cake up.


These tips will help any skin type, especially oily. You can always stop into Natural Aesthetics Center to get product recommendations for your skin type!