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They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, “They” clearly don’t have urinary incontinence!

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Making someone laugh can nearly turn around any bad mood! However, if you make an incontinent person laugh, you may just make their day worse and their pants wet. With over 300 million people worldwide affected by urinary incontinence, the odds are high that someone you know lives with this inconvenience. Luckily there is a non-invasive solution to strengthen the muscles that control the bladder and hold urine in place! 


What causes urinary incontinence?  


One of the causes of Urinary incontinence is muscle weakness in the pelvic floor. A weak pelvic floor can be due to pregnancy, birth, hormonal changes, menopause, aging, or injury. 

Risk factors for urinary incontinence include:

  • Age
  • Being overweight
  • Smoking
  • Family history
  • A neurologic disease
  • Diabetes

A strong pelvic floor is what allows the body to have control over the bladder and the bowels. A lack of control from urinary incontinence may cause people to avoid medical treatment due to shame, doubt, and fear of losing autonomy. Luckily the Emsella is non-invasive and allows users to keep their clothing on making it quick, easy, and shame free!


What is the BTL Emsella treatment?

The Emsella chair emits a high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave to create supramaximal contractions within the pelvic floor muscles over a 30-minute session twice a week for 3 weeks.

The chair is superior to Kegels! These supramaximal contractions are delivered by the thousands during these short sessions. Thirty minutes on the Emsella chair is equivalent to doing over 10,000 Kegels!

The chair helps target weakened muscles within the pelvic floor. The stimulation of these muscles improves bladder control and reduces urinary incontinence. Some may see immediate results while others may not feel any different until they have had a few sessions. 95% of individuals who choose Emsella and have either stress, urge, or mixed incontinence, will see improvement.


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Who is a good candidate for the BTL Emsella treatment?


Emsella is great for women of all ages. Whether a woman has recently given birth, is getting older, or is dealing with hormonal issues that are aggravating incontinence, the chair is a good choice. The only patients that are not ideal candidates for Emsella, are those with metal devices, copper IUDs, or pacemaker devices.


What are the benefits?


The best part is there is no surgery or medication involved, which results in little to no side effects. Other advantages include:

  • Up to 95% significant improvement after completion of the program
  • Strengthen the entire pelvic floor muscles
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Reduced urinary incontinence
  • Reduced fecal incontinence


If you would like to control your bladder and strengthen your pelvic floor, our founder Bita Z Farrell, M.D. is happy to answer your questions. Between her medical background and her holistic approach, she will help you get the results you are looking for. Simply contact us through our website today and we will get back to you!